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Module Name, Download, Description, Download Size. Fuels characterization and energy balance,, download of lecture1 pdf, kb. Introduction, Introduction and Course Outline, PDF, kb. Introduction, Layered Network Architecture, PDF, kb. Data Communication Fundamentals. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams.

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Select the course of interest in; Web courses are available in pdf and html format. If the course is in pdf, then download option will be. Module Name, Download, Description, Download Size. History Of Refrigeration, History Of Refrigeration, PDF, kb. History Of Refrigeration? Development. Single-phase AC Circuits, Representation of Sinusoidal Signal by a Phasor and Solution of Current in R-L-C Series Circuits, PDF, kb. Single-phase AC.

Hardware, sensors, displays, software, virtual world generator, game engines, human senses, perceptual psychology, psychophysics. Chapter 3: The Geometry of Virtual Worlds [pdf] 13 Mar Geometric modeling, transforming rigid bodies, yaw, pitch, roll, axis-angle representation, quaternions, 3D rotation inverses and conversions, homogeneous transforms, transforms to displays, look-at and eye transforms, canonical view and perspective transforms, viewport transforms. Chapter 4: Light and Optics [pdf] 13 Mar Light propagation, lenses and images, diopters, spherical aberrations, optical distortion; more lens aberrations; spectral properties; the eye as an optical system; cameras; visual displays. Chapter 5: The Physiology of Human Vision [pdf] 13 Mar Parts of the human eye, photoreceptors and densities, scotopic and photopic vision, display resolution requiments, eye movements, neural vision structures, sufficient display resolution, other implications of physiology on VR. Chapter 6: Visual Perception [pdf] 13 Mar Depth perception, motion perception, vection, stroboscopic apparent motion, color perception, combining information from multiple cues and senses, implications of perception on VR. Chapter 7: Visual Rendering [pdf] 13 Mar Graphical rendering, ray tracing, shading, BRDFs, rasterization, barycentric coordinates, VR rendering problems, anti-aliasing, distortion shading, image warping time warp , panoramic rendering. Chapter 8: Motion in Real and Virtual Worlds.

This collaboration will cover all subject areas under the aegis of this programme. Principles and Design Prof.


Babu Ane Books Pvt. Artificial Intelligence: Analysis and Identification Dr.

NPTEL Handwritten Notes

Advanced Marine Structures. Advanced Structural Analysis.

Structural Analysis. A First Course in Artificial Intelligence. Control Systems: Principles and Design. Dynamics of Ocean Structures.

Analysis and Design of Offshore Structures with illustrated examples. Human Resource Development Cen. Dynamic Analysis and Design of Offshore Structures.

Fluid Mechanics NPTEL

Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication. Semiconductor materials, devices, and fabrication. Gas Dynamics and Propulsion. Fundamentals of Propulsion. Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, 2nd Edition.


Elements of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Principles of Downstream techniques in Bioprocess. Risk and Reliability of offshore structures.

Offshore Structural Engineering: Part I Review of fundamental principles? Part I PDF 0. Part II Review of fundamental principles? Fluid flow Review of fundamentals: Fluid flow PDF 0. Heat and Mass transfer Review of fundamentals: Heat and Mass transfer PDF 0. Compressors Refrigeration System Components: Compressors PDF 0.

Module Name Download. History Of Refrigeration? Development Of Refrigerants And Compressors.

GATE CS Notes according to GATE 2020 syllabus

Review of fundamental principles? Part I.

Part II. Review of fundamentals: Fluid flow. Heat and Mass transfer.

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